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Valdosta Chiropractic & Rehab

When it comes to chiropractic care in Valdosta, GA, our services cover the full spectrum from basic health and stretching with guided expertise to rehabilitation and serious injury recovery. We work with patients from all over Lowndes County with issues ranging from sports injuries to auto accident injuries to degenerative spine conditions. We help people get out of the trap of pain management with pharmaceuticals and help patients get their lives back by increasing their mobility. We also take a proactive approach in helping you avoid having similar injuries again when preventable.

An Experienced Family Chiropractor

Our Valdosta chiropractic team is led by Dr. Lacie Guy, who has decades of chiropractic experience. Because of Dr. Guy’s direction and skill, our Valdosta team can apply the latest chiropractic and treatments and procedures using the most current equipment. We can easily deal with issues including common mobility problems such as tendonitis and repetitive motion injuries to arthritis limitations. We offer a wide range of accident-related injury rehabilitation services to those who have been injured in car accidents and while playing sports. Our Valdosta office also regularly deals with serious headaches and migraine issues.

Unlike some other offices, our chiropractor team under Dr. Lacie Guy has a robust family chiropractic program. We address senior needs as well as child and infant issues. Everything from degenerative conditions limiting motion to child colic concerns can be addressed in our practice.

Rehabilitation is Just the Start

We also aid our patients through extensive health planning and wellness services. From weight management to dietary nutrition training, we can help you and your family get on track with an approach that will not only help you lose weight but also improve your strength, energy, and overall ability to resist illness. Our holistic approach evaluates your entire lifestyle to find areas where meaningful improvements can be made. We provide our patients with ongoing support to help them see their goals through.

Get Your Life Back

If you're looking for a different approach to healing, pain management, and mobility issues, schedule an appointment with us at Valdosta Chiropractic and Rehab. We are always open to taking on new patients and will walk you through our treatment process and answer any questions you might have. Instead of just dealing with pain, address it at the source. Call us at 229-247-2828 or request an appointment online.